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Midnight Sour

The Fucking Eagles - Midnight Sour ©2009 Self Released
1. Treat or Treat Heart
2. If Lover You Could
3. (You Better Watch Your) Happy Home
4. I Need?
5. Stick With Me Girl (And Your Dreams Will Die)
6. Midnight Sour
7. Stuck On Takata Island
8. Gentleman's Blues
9. Nothing But a Heartache
10. You Gotta Change
11. I Will Or You Won't
12. Seven Day Fool
13. Fail Better

I presume that at one point The Fucking Eagles, now a Tacoma, Washington, rock and/or roll institution, were a mere four piece act, but over the years this band has expanded into an extravaganza that often includes anywhere from eight to ten people onstage, sometimes more. In fact, I suspect their goal is to hit the baker's dozen and ultimately incorporate every last musical member in the audience into the band. The core lineup, such as it is, includes three guitarist, a pair of background singers armed with tambourines, a bassist and a drummer who plays a bit like Animal from the Muppets. And when you throw in the fact that they play upbeat, instantly infectious garage rock, you actually have the makings of a really fun band.

On the face of it, the Fucking Eagles aren't revolutionizing rock music, but then again, not every band in the world really needs to do that. There's only room for one Bono, right? At least, that's what he continuously tells me. But I digress. Midnight Sour is full of the type of swinging rock songs that will encourage you to play loudly in your car and have women in their early 20s taunt you in traffic because, well, you may very well be a bit too old to be carrying on as such. But frankly, songs like the title track, "Seven Day Fool" and the opening "Trick or Treat Heart" are all the type that'll get you rocking out before you know it.

Midnight Sour is a straight to the point, racuous and very unpretentious record that will instantly stick to your bones like meat loaf (not Meatloaf, mind you). This, oddly enough, is not the easiest thing for most bands to pull off.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 04/2012

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