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Germ - Loss ©2012 Eisenwald
1. My only hope
2. So Lonely, dead lonely
3. Only when every timepiece in the world is smashed Part I
4. Only when every timepiece in the world is smashed Part II
5. Cold grey dawn (A new beginning)
6. Loss

Germ is the creation of one Tim Yatras, who has been involved with such acts as Austere and Nazxul alongside this particular project. Though having been conceived for a number of years, 2012 marks the first year any actual recorded material has been made available to the public with a pair of releases called Loss and Wish. Loss happens to be the first one I came across and so far has done a fine job of thoroughly catching my attention.

On the surface, the sound of Loss roughly falls into the realm of depressive black metal, but it considerably more layered and offers much more musical depth than, say, someone doing Burzum-esque shrieks and wailing. Germ has a considerable amount of keyboards to give it a better atmosphere and at times there's the impression that Yatras is influenced by far more than just metal in the songwriting of this album. He's capable of both the black metal shrieking and decent clean singing that feels like it could have occurred in some 80s post rock band. But most impressively the songs on Loss are often soaring and epic without once become painfully overwrought with melodrama or overindulgence. The massive expanses of the songs give listeners a place to get lost within yet the song structures are actually rather straight forward. The layering of sounds throughout is quite impressive.

Loss is one of the most enjoyable albums I've come across in awhile and has been finding itself being played over and over. The world of depressive black metal is often redundant exercises in copying early Burzum but this steps well outside that tiny box to explore big atmospheres. Highly recommended piece of work.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 04/2013

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