Teri Yakimoto

Guttermouth - Teri Yakimoto ©1996 Nitro
1. Use Your Mind
2. Trinket Trading, Tick Toting, Toothless Tired, Tramps/7T's
3. Generous Portions
4. A Day At The Office
5. Teri Yakimoto
6. Whiskey
7. Lock Down
8. God's Kingdom
9. Mark's Ark
10. Room For Improvement
11. Casserole Of Life
12. Thought Provoking Sonic Device
13. I Saw The Light
14. 1-2-3-4
15. Under The Sea

Pop-snot punk bands are assembled in a factory somewhere in the midwest. Using the assembly line process perfected so many years ago by Henry Ford, all bands in this category utilize interchangeable parts for those catchy riffs, breakneck skate tempos, and sing-along choruses.

Here's a little game to play. Find a young punker (complete with baggy pants and van sneakers), blindfold him/her, and place this record on the turntable. Without revealing the record label (y'know Fat Wreck Chords or Epitaph...those are too much of a giveaway), have the punker guess what band he/she is hearing. ("NoFX? Vandals? Face to Face? No Use for a Name? No Fun at All? Pennywise? Lagwagon?") Ah, those poor clueless punkers. They'll never guess. Guttermouth has moments where they sound like all the other bands! Just like Chevys and GMC's are the same vehicles with different nametags.

But don't get me wrong because Guttermouth does this sarcastic pop-punk thing well, plus they know how to incite a crowd live. Mark Adkins has a great snotty voice and his band is as tight as a miser's grip on a penny. They have the sense to break up the tempo with occasional ska sections ("Lock Down" has a great bridge) and pretty goofball lyrics ("God's Kingdom").

Ultimately, Guttermouth falls into limbo. For fanatics of this genre, this is just more gravy. For everyone else who likes their bands to have separate identities, it's much harder to recommend.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 12/1996

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