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Love Songs For The Retarded

The Queers - Love Songs For The Retarded ©1993 Lookout!
1. You're Tripping
2. Ursula Finally Has Tits
3. I Hate Everything
4. Teenage Bonehead
5. Fuck This World
6. I Can't Stop Farting
7. Feeling Groovy
8. Debra Jean
9. Hi Mom, It's Me!
10. Noodlebrain
11. I Can't Stand You
12. Night Of The Livid Queers
13. Granola-head
14. I Won't Be
15. Monster Zero
16. Daydreaming

How can I possibly even try to write a serious review of this album? What is there to say about The Queers? Funny pop punk full of neato melodies and really stupid lyrics. Early 90s The Queers, Screeching Weasel and to some extent Green Day were basically the same type of thing. Kids who never wanted to grow up and who probably didn't own albums by any other bands than Ramones. It wouldn't surprise me if this was something they'd be very proud of as well. Hell, they covered the entire Rocket to Russia album at one point! Geez!

If you crave diversity, you'll hate this, as out of the sixteen songs there are about two styles to be found, one being almost pure pop music, with a slight punkrock feel to it, such as "Daydreaming" and "Debra Jean", or more straight-up punkrock songs such as "I can't stop farting" and "Monster Zero". And complexity? Fuggeddaboutit. The lyrics are about what you'd expect from song titles like "I can't stop farting" and "Ursula Finally Has Tits", but they work! Sure, it's inane and childish, but hey, it's always fun to have some music where the band doesn't take themselves overly seriously. Plus, Joe King has one of the coolest voices ever for this sort of thing!

Generally I don't care much for this genre, but this album, plus Screeching Weasel's Boogada Boogada Boogada and Hanson Brother's Gross Misconduct are what I consider to be the very best of that whole jolly three-chord punk thing. If you're even remotely interested in the more melodic sides of punk, you should definitely give The Queers a chance. Just steer clear of newer crap like Don't back down.

Review by Řystein H-O

Review date: 02/2002

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