Scrotum Grinder

The Greatest Sonic Abomination Ever

Scrotum Grinder - The Greatest Sonic Abomination Ever ©2001 Prank Records
1. Captain Deiis
2. Special Purpose
3. Fight Song Revisited
4. To Hell With The Enlightment
5. Post-teenage Redemption (part One)
6. Untruth As A Master Signifer
7. Irritable Bowel Disorder: Project Reagan
8. You Are My Favorite Line In The Worst Song Ever Written
9. The Function And Malfunction Of Labe Experiment No. 728
10. Three-pronged Apparatus
11. 53rd Street South
12. Recipe For Token Sing-along Polemic Complete With Expletives
13. Geld
14. Big Brother
15. Blood And Tongue
16. Notes For An Uproarious Comedy Show
17. Counter-hegemonimania
18. No Friend Of Mine

I'll give credit to any band who can use proper descriptive phrases both for their album titles and for their chosen band name. Scrotum Grinder's music is precisely that. For the duration of this short disc, the music chafes at your private parts and may very well live up to its title, The Greatest Sonic Abomination. It's nothing more than an assault set to hardcore-cum-metal guitars, hoarse screams and relentless rhythms. Brevity is the key here for the band as most songs run around a minute or so and often fall into the Minutemen world of stream of consciousness lyrics. At the very least, the impact of the album will make you see double and wonder exactly what hit you. It's a somewhat monotonous listen, flinging a little Benümb-styled blitzes of brief anger at you and never quite allowing any of the songs to branch out. The band sounds tight as a duck's bottom and they usually try for a groove within the flailing about. There's also a good degree of heaviness in the rather clear production. The vocals, provided by one Michelle Koger (with help from bassist Steve Kosiba), are high pitched, hoarse shouts and screams, which should be enough to terrify any would-be abusive male in her life. If nothing else, the band succeeds in coming up with some interesting text and song titles. And, oh, nice kazoo and horn section in "No Friend of Mine".

I don't particularly want to like this, but I'm certain fans of snarly, vicious hardcore may indeed enjoy (if that's the proper word for this experience) their style and intelligence. I rather hope that this band doesn't choose my house for a place to crash while on tour because I have a bad feeling at least two of the members would stay up part of the night shouting at me. However, if this sort of thing appeals to you, perhaps you could take them up for the night.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 08/2001

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