Steroid Maximus


Steroid Maximus - Gondwanaland ©1992 Big Cat
1. ĦQuilombo!
2. Radio Raheem
3. First Movement: The Trojan Hearse
4. Second Movement: The Auctioneer Of Souls
5. Third Movement: Crawling Goliath
6. Fourth Movement: Erupture
7. Life In The Greenhouse Effect
8. I Will Love You Always (Wild Irish Rose)
9. Destino Matar
10. Cross Double Cross
11. Volgarity
12. Öl (Kwik-lube)
13. Powerhouse!
14. Homeo

So this is what happens when good jazz goes terribly awry. Though this isn't exactly the most extreme or harsh album ever released by the ever-prolific Jim "Foetus" Thirlwell, it certainly does rank as some of the most edgy and discomforting. With a gang of like-minded nuts adding various ingredients to the Steroid soup, Gondawanaland is much like that creepy uncle who every so often sneaks up behind you yelling, "BOO!" The wide range of musical elements range from jazz, a bit of industrial, some Herb Alpert Tijuana Brass, lounge and beyond. Needless to say, it covers a lot of territory in its mission to pervert your senses. "I Will Love You Always (Wild Irish Rose)" is the type of thing that is much like fingernails raking a blackboard. The vocals sound like an eerie ghoul with an ancient voice wooing another ghost. "Destino Matar" sounds a bit like Spanish bullfighter music while "Life in the Greenhouse Effect" (which also appears on the other Steroid release, Quilombo) is compelling and thunderous. Quite frankly, Steroid represents Thirlwell's most intriguing side and should be explored every so often to keep yourself from feeling too comfortable.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 11/1998

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