Blink 182, A Pop Punk Music Group Popular Worldwide

Blink 182 is a pop punk band coming from USA. It is as popular as Green Day and has launched some hits liked by punk lovers all over the world. Personnel of this band are Mark Hoppus, Travis Barker and Matt Skiba. Just like other groups, Blink 182 also changed some of its personnel. Scott Raynor and Tom DeLonge are ex-members of this punk group. It is firmly amazing talking about Blink 182 as this group managed to sell more than 41 million copy for some of the hits launched to music market.

In 1999, Blink 182 released an album entitled Enema of The State. Some hits from this album such as All The Small Things and What’s My Age Again gained popularity all over the world. Adam’s Song also belongs to this popular album of Blink. Many punk lovers are able to sing those three songs anytime Blink 182 holds a concert. In 2001, Blink 182 again launched an album called Take Off Your Pants and Jackets. The album was successful with achievement of reaching number 1 position on Music Chart in America, Canada and Germany.

A significant change was then made by this group by collaborating experimental aspect and pop punk that has become characteristic of Blink 182. This change is perceived to be a wise step to make something different. Tom DeLonge left Blink 182 in the beginning of 2005. This condition brought vacuum moment with no music activities for some moments. Then, Delonge created new group Angels and Airwaves and in the meantime, Barker and Hoppus formed Band called +44. In 2009, reunited Blink 182 emerged and an album entitled Neighbourhoods was released in 2011. And again in 2012, this band launched an album called Dogs Eating Dogs. In 2015, DeLonge decided to quit the group as he wanted to focus on other things outside of musical activities.

Matt Skiba then came to be successor of DeLonge until now. Blink is different with other punk groups like Green Day and The Offspring as this band has a vocalist with pop accent tending to be soft. Some of Hits made by Blink has something to do with love story that is made in comical nuance. Popularity is made by this group due to easy listening songs and this is the reason why millions of copy was gained. Today, Blink 182 is no longer active and the fact shows that no album is launched to the market.