Crazy Things about Slipknot You Surely Have Missed

Almost all of the people around the world know who Slipknot is. Even though they might have never heard any of the songs, at least they have known that Slipknot exists. It is because of the crazy things that many of the members do while they are becoming the part of the band. As an addition to that, their special masks are becoming one icon that many people will never forget from the band itself. As a matter of fact, there are some people who think that the band is very scary because of the mask that they are wearing. If you are also one of those people with the same thoughts, then you need to know these things below. There are still a lot of other crazy things related with this band that you surely have missed. Here are some of them.

The first one is the fact that all of the band members turned into something different when they are wearing their masks. Some people will think of this as something crazy, but many of the members have the same thoughts. They will feel as if they turned into something different from them who do not wear the mask. That is why you can say that no people have seen their real face because they will never show it to the world. Even if you might have seen it, you would not notice because their attitude is different from the time when they wear the mask. The second thing is the fact that each of the members only have one mask that they wear over and over again. Wearing the same clothing might not be a problem for some people. However, can you imagine if you have worn the mask for more than ten years without washing it? That is one thing that happened with the masks of the members. They never wash it and they only have one mask. Clown said that he washed the mask after 14 years during the Slipknot performance in Europe. He sank his whole face with the mask and the water turned brown in an instant.

The third one is the abuse on the first album that they have. The abuse was done by the producer. The thing that made it quite crazy is the fact that all of the members did not complain at all about the abuse that the producer did to all of them. That is because said that the abuse was done to give the spiritual emotion to the members who want to record their first album. As you can see, the first album of Slipknot was a great success. The last one is the fact that all of the members were rubbed with the poop of Clown on the early years of the Slipknot band. This is something crazy, but Clown did that. He kept his poop inside a bottle jar and right before the performance, he would rub the poop to the band members. This kind of ritual was done for at least five years since the band was started.