Electronic Songs Still Worthy to Listen in 2021

Electronic can be considered as one genre of music that many people love. This kind of genre is quite simple to understand because most of the instruments are using the electronic technology so that the output can be quite electrifying. Unfortunately, this kind of music genre is not the kind of favorite music genre. Only few people love this kind of genre. Even though, this does not mean that this music genre does not have some amazing works. It is because there are some songs of electronic genre that are totally worth to listen to even on this 2021 year. Here are some of those songs.

Closer by Chainsmokers
The first one is Closer by The Chainsmokers. Actually, Chainsmokers is not a new band because this band started its debut many years ago. However, making a great single is not something easy and finally they had one in Closer. This song has the unique touch of electronics on it. The reason is because the song is not that upbeat as in many other electronic song genres out there. The considerably slow tempo of this song made Closer as one of those electronic songs that are totally worth to listen to.

Titanium by David Guetta
The second one is Titanium by David Guetta. Basically, you cannot that that David Guetta was one of the greatest musician at that time. That is because Titanium was released to the market in 2011. It means the song was released around a decade ago. However, there are still a lot of people who are listening to this amazing song. As a matter of fact, more and more indie musicians are making the cover of this song. For your information, the electronic touch of this music can be felt through the whole song, starting from the beginning to the end.

Lean On by DJ Snake
The last one on the list is Lean On by DJ Snake. From the name, you can easily imply that this song will have a lot of electronic touches and that is something true. For your information, this song was released in 2015. With its fast paced tempo and simple but attractive lyrics, this song is becoming another great electronic song that many people are still listening until this time. Moreover, nowadays a lot of people are making random videos with simple instrumental music for the background and Lean On is used by many of them to be their background music.