Get to Know Blink 182 As A Worldwide Pop Punk Band

Get to Know Blink 182 As A Worldwide Pop Punk Band – If you are a fan of Blink 182, you can be proud. Because this band has a big role in the development of pop punk music. Understandably just when the beginning of the stand of this music genre is not so well known as it is now. However, as time goes by things turn around. Pop punk fans are increasing, including bands that have popularized this music. Blink 182 is able to target music lovers around the world.

Through the cold hands of its personnel, their beautiful work has survived in the hearts of fans until now. That is certainly not as smooth as fans think. In working twists and turns are found. When they first started the band, personnel consisting of Tom DeLonge (vocals or guitar), Mark Hoppus (bass or vocals), Scott Raynor (Drum) gave the name of the Blink group. As time went on it turned out they had only just realized that the name belonged to a band from Ireland Then they changed the group’s name to Blink 182.

When they first launched their first album. The band from the United States managed to win the hearts of music lovers. For this reason they often get gig offers. Its location is not monotonous in California or around America. Bids for concerts outside the Americas also arrived. Uniquely when they are concerts, the audience is always crowded. It’s very amazing.

The success of this pop punk band turned out to be a big problem coming closer. One Blink 182 member named Scott had to quit the band. That’s because he is very addicted to alcohol. When Scott’s habits appeared and he was in a state of high intoxication. A group friend was very overwhelmed by it. So Scott’s position was replaced by Travis. The choice of Travis proved very profitable Blink 182. Only a few moments later he was declared officially joined. 20 of Blink 182’s songs were memorized in just 45 minutes.

Get to Know Blink 182 As A Worldwide Pop Punk Band

Travis seemed to bring luck to Blink 182. The third album they made when Travis joined managed to make money arrive. Whether it’s from a gig to various regions, until the song belongs to Blink 182 which is a trend and is known to the whole world. The album was named Enema of the State, with popular songs being What’s My Age Again ?, All the Small Things and Adam’s Song.

Success on the third album brought them to work again. The next album has slid. But not as smooth as previous albums. Conflicts begin to emerge especially from their internal conditions. Although they do not display before the audience. Finally the conflict smelled too. The Neighborhood album created in 2011 was Tom DeLonge’s last work as a member of Blink 182. Because he was forced to leave this band. This was done by the management because of his lack of dedication to Blink 182.

Tom’s departure made two other personnel namely Mark and Travis work hard for Blink 182. existence until they finally found Skiba as Tom’s successor. Until the next album was released, Skiba was a permanent member of Blink 182 until the current millennial era. Even so Blink 182 is still able to get a place in the hearts of fans.