Heavy Metal Groups That Are Good but You May Never Know Before

Heavy Metal Groups That Are Good but You May Never Know Before – Long before heavy metal becomes as popular as today, there are times when people deny the existence of this hard genre. The blasting music is not favorable to everyone but definitely reaches the fans of heavy metal. There are a lot of golden groups in the past that people might never heard before.
– Wolfheart
From the name, this band doesn’t give the vibe of heavy metal band. People should listen to their music first; many have said that it balances the aggressiveness and the beauty in a melody. Coming from Finland, this band brings the fresh air to heavy metal genre. Try to listen to one song and people will crave for more.

– Woods of Ypres and Anthelion
The next band is called woods of ypres. Their most popular song was written after the death of their vocalist and composer David Gold. The accident happened in 2011, but now the song entitled Death Is Not An Exit still rings the same echo. Whenever the music plays, it will remind people of the greatest heavy metal band, comparable to the relation between poker and online site.

Heavy metal music spreads to many countries and one of them is Taiwan. Back then, there is a band named Anthelion. What makes this band outstanding is the guitar work and the perfect blend to the percussion instrument. Combined with piano, it is a surreal heavy metal music.

– Revocation and Children of Bodom
The image of heavy metal band is often associated to black cloth and excessive make up. That is not always the case, especially for revocation band. They decide to be a little playful with their setting and dress code. Appearing as old grandfather in nursing home, they blow the audience with their performance.

On the top list, there is Children of Bodom. This band is inspired by Japanese music, especially those used as samurai background music. The combination gives birth of oriental heavy metal loved by every listener.

The gems of heavy metal bands could be found even back in the days where the genre is still an underground music. It could be said that these groups are the pioneer for the modern heavy metal bands. The music presented by revocation, children of bodom, anthelion and many more are the must-have playlist in heavy metal gathering.