Most Popular Musicians on Industrial Music

Most Popular Musicians on Industrial Music – The term industrial music might not be familiar to some people. Industrial music’s signature is the hard and progressive sounds. It is common to have transgressive notes and also the hard-core theme. This music genre has its own golden age and several band (big names) dominates the chart. Who are they?
– Godflesh
Sitting on the fifth place is Godflesh band from UK. As the land that gives birth of many big industrial bands ever (Sabbath and Priest for example), the band doesn’t disappoint. It is impossible to put out harshest and soul-crushing definition from their music. Fans would immediately notice the music as soon as it plays.

– Rammstein and Nine Inch Nails
The fourth industrial band anyone should know is Rammstein. Instead of taking the industrial style as it is, the members decide to mix it with their own style. The result is quite fantastic, as it could bring the band to quite high position. Unfortunately, this difference also makes some people skip their song.

On top of Rammstein, the band Nine Inch Nails exists. When the band is freshly formed, the members agree to take multi-genre fused with industrial and set the target to global listeners. Many parties doubt their intention until they release “Wish”, “Closer” and “Somewhat Damaged”. It is true that achievement speaks louder.

– Ministry and Skinny Puppy
The second place is reserved for Ministry band, the group from Britain that breaks the record in 1983 with their album “With Sympathy”. Soon after, their next album released in 1992 entitled Psalm 69 gets the platinum certification. This is a great award for crazy and rude members in Ministry band.

The label “best industrial music band ever” should only be given to Skinny Puppy. There is no other band that could be compared to their stage presence and the skillful pain level they emit through their music. However, some of the songs are well-suited for dance floor, even without electric guitar.

While industrial music is no longer dominating music chart in the country, there are five big names that should not be forgotten. They are the most popular at their age and their music might still be played by the fans. For those who are curious, try to find music by Skinny Puppy, Ministry, Nine Inch Nails, Rammstein or Godflesh.