Success Story of Best Punk Group, Green Day

What is the most popular punk group in the word ? We should agree Green Day is the one and only. This punk band is built in Barkeley California. Members of this music group are Joe Armstrong, Mike Dint and Tre Cool. Punk with social critics becomes what this band has to offer. And until now, Green Day is still active with some change of the personnel. 1987 becomes year of establishment for this popular punk rock group.

First album of Green Day is 39/smooth and on that album, Tree cool came in to change position of Kiffmeyer as the drummer. Cool starts contributing to second album of Green Day Kerplunk. Begun as an additional player, Cool was then confirmed to be fixed member of this group. In 1994, an album entitled Dookie was realised which succeed to gain status of Diamond from RIAA. This achievement became milestone for the success of Green Day. In 2004, Green Day made an album called American Idiot with social critic addressed to American people. Sold more than 5 million copy, Green Day gained such a great success in punk music industry.

Success Story of Best Punk Group

Then, eight album of this group band was launched in 2009. 21st Century Breakdown is title of this album. It becomes the most successful album in the history of Green Day. Until now, more than 65 million copy of Green Day has been sold. And this makes the group becomes the highest in the punk industry. Firmly it is not easy as punk is totally different compared to pop genre. Not all people living in this planet like the music genre but Green Day changed many people’s perception that punk is easily accepted as long as what they produced always come in hand with good quality.

Some awards have been gained by Green Day. Best rock album in the Grammy Award is one of them. American Idiot was worth the reward as this is said to be the most creative album ever made by this band. Record of the year in the Grammy Award is also gained by Green Day for the song Boulevard of Broken Dreams. With all rewards collected by this music group, Green Day become legend of punk rock, not only for American people but also punk lovers worldwide. Some punk groups like Blink, Offspring and Rancid also admitted that Green Day is worth the effort to be the best one in punk industry.