The Offspring, What Punk Genre Has To Offer

Talking about punk, it is not only about Green Day and Blink, The Offspring is also many punk lovers are fond of. This music group is from Orange County, California. One of the best albums made by The Offspring is Smash which gains more than 8 million copy sale. Some hits from the albums are Come Out and Play, Self Esteem and Gotta Get Away. This group itself is established in 1984 and still exists till now. Members of The Offspring are Dexter Holland, Noodles, Greg K and Pete Parada.

Even though punk is the main genre for The Offspring, some genres like Ska, Grunge and Metal influence the way The Offspring make their music songs. At the first time, name of this band is Manic Subsidal. The band is popular enough in the past with garage concept. Under Manic Subsidal, this band released compilation album with some popular Hits like Hopeless, We Got Power II. The entitle of the compilation is Party Animal. In 1987, the band changed the name with The Offspring. Soon after that, The Offspring launched a single I’ll be waiting under Black Label. On that time, it is very difficult to get a label that can help the band to produce album. Black Label is an utopia as this band found it so hard to produce album.

Similarly to other punk music group, The Offspring regularly holds a tour. It is not only done in America but also worldwide area. In Dec 2018, for example, this band will be at worldwide tour in Adelaide Australia. Aside from Adelaide, Melbourne also becomes target of this band tour. So, if you are fans of the Offspring, it will be a good decision to check ticket sold online.

The Offspring, What Punk Genre Has To Offer

Certainly, The Offspring without a doubt will give something special in their concert. Not only do they come with good setting for the concerts but also come with good sound system. So, punk lovers can dance in punk style to express happiness. Every single personnel of this band performs with punk-style outfit, so it will be very interesting to see what they will perform in the worldwide concerts. If you claim yourself to be one of the punk lovers, just try to have a time with The Offspring tours. Remember to keep every single lyric of The Offspring song in mind so that you can sing along during the concerts.

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