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Mumford & Son’s role in the world of industrial music

Mumford & Son’s role in the world of industrial music – Mumford & Sons is from London. They formed a strong commitment to work through music since December 2007. Early in the establishment of this band consisting of 3 people namely: Ben Lovett, Winston Marshall, Ted Dwane. The three of them have agreed to form the genre of industrial folk music. Even when performing shows, they use musical instruments such as mandolin and banjo. In addition to the musical instruments, the band was named after Marcus Mumford the manager.

Bands with this genre are highly developed in the UK. Competitors are commonly found, although managers are not discouraged. He drove on by giving uniqueness in every song that was created. Thanks to that spirit, one day a music festival was held. It’s called the Glastonbury Festival which was held in June 2008. Their performances have attracted a large and well-known label. Call it Chess Club Records. The owner of the label decided to sign them. Not long ago precisely November 2008. The band managed to release an album titled Love Your Ground.

After the album with the famous label appeared. They actively hold various interesting concerts. The location they chose is not only in the UK. They also use superpowers like America for concerts. Time does go a long time but they are fighting spirit. Until finally the answer to their hard work was answered. October 5, 2009 as their true debut point. Because three types of big labels from various countries have contracted them.

The labels include: British Island Record, Australian Dew Process, and American Glassnote Records. The mainstay song and hits on the debut that is fronted by these three labels are Little Lion Man. The song single managed to bring them to the peak of popularity. Even television networks in the United States have invited them. They finally appeared on the show titled Late Show With David Letterman. Their international career did not stop there. Various prestigious awards were won.

The awards they received were in the form of: top position in Triple J Hottest 100, ranked ninth album Sigh No More for New Zealand chat, was named the most popular international artist so that won the ARIA award. When the prestigious Grammy Award in 2010 they lined up to display their best single titled The Cave. They even received two nominations as best new artist, best rock song. Even though they didn’t win, at least the music media in America has highlighted the band.

After that their popularity continued to advance rapidly. Until 2011, the music award was won. One of them is called British Album of The Year. Because of this success, the band always made headlines at major concerts and festivals. Their work does not stop even though it is well known. This was proven by the release of the second album titled BABEL in July 2012. This album was recorded as a fantastic and fast sale. The popularity of online gambling sites is also like music and fans, if the game attracts the interest of the players it will immediately bounce the gambling website popularity and sale.

Since its launch hundreds of thousands to millions of copies have been sold for a week. Mumford & Sons is indeed a band that deserves to be taken into account. Lots of achievements but there aren’t any problems in the band. It generally boasts of his fans.

Halloween For Heavy Metal Music Genre

Halloween For Heavy Metal Music Genre

Heavy metal is a genre of music love by many people in this planet. Although it is not as popular as pop genre, many heavy metal groups cached attention of music lovers. Halloween is one of many heavy metal groups that still exist till now. Speed of audio from all music instruments played by the group become characteristic of this band. The origin of Halloween is from Detroit Michigan. And this group is built in 1983. Members of Halloween are Brian Thomas, Lisa urt, George Neal, Blake Banner and Ben Harmsen. This group was firstly formed by Neal, Craig and Whyte. Those three musicians released an album called Don’t Metal With Evil. 1985 became year of the album release under The Motor City Label. Then second album of this group was released, Victims of The Nights. Unfortunately, Craig and Whyte left the group for certain reasons. In 1989, Halloween became an opening act for Crimson Glory tour. Transcendence tour was what the title for the concert. In that year, Halloween also prepared for their new album collaborating with Drenning from Crimson Glory. In 1990, this group recorded a demo called Vicious Demos with 5 tracks inside. Rob Tylak became producer of this project accompanied by Stewart and Gray. The demo was then sold on the form of cassette in every single of Halloween show. In 2006, two albums were launched by this group. They are Horror Fire and E.Vil. Pieces and new studio album for this band was finally made in 2012. Halloween may not become a legend just like Metallica but this band has fanatic fans not only in America but also from many countries outside of USA. Some songs like Mr Torture gained its popularity and many heavy metal lovers are capable of singing the song in the concert. Speed is what this band has to offer and compared to others, Halloween has specific characters that are not easy to forget. High note gain of the vocalist is also something special derived from this band. So, when you hear a song with speed and high note, you may directly remember that this is an Halloween song. Until now, this band is still active and this can be seen from world tour that is often held by even organizers worldwide. And firmly, if are a lover of heavy metal rock, this group must be what to see in the concert.
Success Story of Best Punk Group, Green Day

Success Story of Best Punk Group, Green Day

What is the most popular punk group in the word ? We should agree Green Day is the one and only. This punk band is built in Barkeley California. Members of this music group are Joe Armstrong, Mike Dint and Tre Cool. Punk with social critics becomes what this band has to offer. And until now, Green Day is still active with some change of the personnel. 1987 becomes year of establishment for this popular punk rock group.

First album of Green Day is 39/smooth and on that album, Tree cool came in to change position of Kiffmeyer as the drummer. Cool starts contributing to second album of Green Day Kerplunk. Begun as an additional player, Cool was then confirmed to be fixed member of this group. In 1994, an album entitled Dookie was realised which succeed to gain status of Diamond from RIAA. This achievement became milestone for the success of Green Day. In 2004, Green Day made an album called American Idiot with social critic addressed to American people. Sold more than 5 million copy, Green Day gained such a great success in punk music industry.

Success Story of Best Punk Group

Then, eight album of this group band was launched in 2009. 21st Century Breakdown is title of this album. It becomes the most successful album in the history of Green Day. Until now, more than 65 million copy of Green Day has been sold. And this makes the group becomes the highest in the punk industry. Firmly it is not easy as punk is totally different compared to pop genre. Not all people living in this planet like the music genre but Green Day changed many people’s perception that punk is easily accepted as long as what they produced always come in hand with good quality.

Some awards have been gained by Green Day. Best rock album in the Grammy Award is one of them. American Idiot was worth the reward as this is said to be the most creative album ever made by this band. Record of the year in the Grammy Award is also gained by Green Day for the song Boulevard of Broken Dreams. With all rewards collected by this music group, Green Day become legend of punk rock, not only for American people but also punk lovers worldwide. Some punk groups like Blink, Offspring and Rancid also admitted that Green Day is worth the effort to be the best one in punk industry.