Slipknot as the Overrated Heavy Metal Band

Many people hate something scary and violent. Even though, there is one thing that many people like. It is something related with scary and violent things. It is Slipknot. Who does not know this legendary heavy metal band? A lot of people love to listen to their song despite of their scary and violent appearance. On the other hand, there are some people who think that Slipknot is an overrated heavy metal band. If you think about the same thing, then these things below will help you realize that Slipknot is not an overrated heavy metal band.

All of The Members Are Musicians
The statement might sound a bit vague because Slipknot members are all musicians. However, that is not the main idea that you need to highlight. It is the fact that all of the Slipknot members are the real musicians who only think about the music all of the time. As an addition to that, there are nine members inside the band and this is not something common. There are some bands with five or even six members, but nine is another thing. Some people think that Slipknot is crazy to have that many band members, but they proved that the statement is wrong.

They Have Masterpieces
The second reason why you cannot say that Slipknot is overrated is because of the works. As a musician, Slipknot has released a lot of great singles. As an addition to that, you can find some different tones and impressions from their songs. So, if you think that this kind of scary band can only wrote the heavy metal songs, you are totally wrong. There are some songs that are considered as something quite mellow. You can check their last three albums to find out the mellow parts of Slipknot.

Their Constant Image
The last but not least is their constant image. It is not a secret anymore that all members of Slipknot have been wearing masks since the first time. It is the kind of image that they want to show to all of their audiences. As an addition to that, the whole theme of the mask is quite similar so that when people look at their masks, they will notice that they are Slipknot. All of the members do not really care about what the people think about them. They are still doing what they have been doing since the first Slipknot was found.