The Bombpops Fans Should Know About These 5 Interesting Facts About This Punk Band

Who doesn’t know about The Bombpops. Bombpops is a punk band that managed to get a cooperation contract with a well-known record label in the world of Fat Wreck Chords. This is included in the category of music bands that have solo singers who are not canned, of course. The Bombpops has been around since 2007 and was founded in San Diego, California, United States of America.

There are some interesting facts about the band The Bombpops, namely:

  1. Be on a label with NOFX
    As previously mentioned, The Bombpops was like getting a durian when it was signed by Fat Wreck Records. In addition to frequently producing various pop and punk bands, this music label also houses a veteran punk band that was exodus in the 80s.

At the beginning of the first time being formed, The bombpops started his career independently until finally being able to release a mini album in 2010. One year later, the bombpops joined a fairly large label called Red Scara Industries. With this label, the band released a mini album in 2011. However, their journey with Red Scara was not so smooth that they had to release their third mini album in January 2015 with the theme Can of Worms.

  1. Formed from two female personnel
    The bombpops is a band initiated by women. This punk band was founded by Jen Razavani and Poli Van Dam. They are both punk artists who took the position of a guitarist and vocalist in the band.
    When Poli Van Dam was 13 years old, he met Jen who was then 18 years old. They are close friends who are under the same music label. At that time, poli played as a guitarist. Meanwhile, Jane plays as a base. They were invited to a show and played together. After that, they decided to form a punk band.
  2. The band’s name is inspired by Ice Cream
    Basically there are a lot of inspiration that pops up that can be used for a band name. The bombpops are a band inspired by the name ice cream. Poli and Jen were rehearsing at the time and wanted to name the band at their former drummer’s house. At that time, a Lickety Lick Bombpops ice cream car was passing by and they ordered ice cream.

Initially they agreed to name the band The Lickety Lick Bombpops. However, this changed to The Bombpops because it felt better to listen to. In the end, the band’s name is used to this day.

  1. 10 times changing porcelain
    After a journey of almost a decade, the bombpops faced various obstacles. They had experienced mutually changing personnel up to 10 times as much. Poliu and Jen became personnel who remained in the band. However, the position of the drummer was always changing until finally Josh Lewis and Neil Wayne were personnel who survived until now.
    1. There is a touch of NOFX to the song
      Not only being on the same label as the ’80s punk band NOFX, most of these tea bombpops were born with NOFX’s interference. This is evidenced by the studio album between the two bands, entitled Death In Venice Beach. This makes for an interesting album.