The Journey of Metallica Band in Pursuing Career on Heavy Metal Music

The Journey of Metallica Band in Pursuing Career on Heavy Metal Music – The Metallica band originating from Los Angeles began to be active in the music world in 1981. The type of music and lyrics that they developed is very unique. That’s why this band was able to reach the most fans until now. The distinctive trait brought by Metallica brought this band to win the prestigious award called the 2018 Grammy Awards. The award is evidence of their existence as the oldest rock band in the midst of the current young band stretching.

The success of this band until now turned out to be full of struggles in his past. Even though the genre of this band is rock, when there are members who deviate from their actions. They do not stay silent. This was proven by firing members who were found as drug users. That event occurred in the 80s. The test experienced by this band did not stop, in the midst of glittering achievements, they must be willing to lose the guitarist due to a bus accident.

Although problems come and go, they have succeeded. In 1983, the album they launched, Kill Em All, had a different kind of music more aggressive, fast, fierce. The album brought them to reach a very large number of fans at that time. That initial success did not make them complacent. One year later a new album was released under on site for world tour album.

The album turned out to bring them successfully entered the major American music labels. The name of the label is Elektra Records. When joining this label the album sales boomed. That’s because one of the songs called Creeping Death is very popular with music lovers of this genre. In fact this album has penetrated fantastic numbers worth 6 million pieces that are selling in the market.

The album not only brought them success with big labels. More than that, they finally managed to hold a big tour to Europe with the famous British heavy metal band. The band is like: Tank, Bon Jovi, Ratt. After the success of the second album they’re-made again with the title Master of Puppets. Their work was successful again and brought the group to number 29 Billboard 200.

Success that occurs sequentially is indeed never stopped. Their golden careers in the 80s still continue until the millennial era now. Although the personnel have entered old age. They are still able to produce gold in this genre of music. The peak of their struggle is very evident with the acquisition of prestigious awards in 2018. Even more and more of their fans. That is a piece of the story of the struggle of the legendary Metallica band. Their success story is so inspiring musicians all over the world.